Kat B.

I first started with a course that was designed to go at the pace I wanted. Taking the course made me want to dig deeper and really hone in getting aligned not only with my business but with family life as well. After one 1:1 call a fire what light inside me. I was able to get more in tune with what served me. I wrote my first ebook, I was able to solidify my brand and how I wanted it to look and feel. Every step of the way I was encouraged, supported and had not only a coach but a friend to celebrate all of my wins. When I doubted myself Amy was there to correct those self limiting beliefs and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. All the soul work I have done with Amy has taught me that I can’t hinder myself in fear of making waves, stepping on toes and not going after projects that set my soul on fire! Coaching with Amy has made me realized that getting in touch with how important it is to take care of myself and to practice self care, to never doubt myself, to do what is aligned with me and have grace when things don’t fall into place as planned. Everything is happening for a reason and not happening to me. Investing in yourself and having someone to hold you accountable is what you’ll get when you hire Amy. She cares, she’s available and she is amazing at what she does. Thank you Amy for everything. Your guidance and your friendship is an amazing blessing!