who i am

Welcome to my world! I am so excited to have you here!

A little about me:

Amy = Beloved.

First things first, I am 100% human, far from perfect & on this journey of becoming my most authentic, loving self for this trip around the sun.

I’m a mom to two incredible humans & I am so blessed to be their mom. It’s humbling to have been given this responsibility to lead them to be incredibly independent, strong & kind human beings.

I’m a doer, when I’m in, I’m all in. Passionate is my middle name.I am a passion encourager. You have what it takes too. Trust that. My next middle name is creative…  I have a creative soul. I have to be creating or I become stagnant & prone to get down if I’m not active. It took me a long time to realize that it’s who I am to feel & be that way. and I’m finally okay with it.

I am an empath, a Scorpio & a total extroverted introvert. My intuition never steers me wrong. Taking inspired action, even if it’s one thing every single day to move me forward is how I live my life.

I believe wine + chocolate & sushi are soul food & belong in their own food group.

Journaling, meditation, essential oils, crystals & palo santo are part of my daily life.

I’m a highly sensitive person & for many years of my life, I allowed my anxiety & depression to control me. I have learned to control it by feeling through my emotions, allowing them to be, being mindful of my nutrition & exercise.

Photography will always be one of my first loves & I love to capture the essence & the raw of my children & clients. My love for photography began growing up on the Emerald Coast/Panhandle of Florida and continued as I journeyed to the foothills in East Tennessee.

I’ve wanted to be an author since I was little girl & have known since as long as I can remember that I am meant to do big things. Crazy big dreams. I have what it takes & I finally realized that well into my adulthood.

UPDATE: I created, designed & published my first book in May 2019! I have two others recently published as well – you can find them all under the BOOKS tab here on this website. 

Call me crazy, but I love to workout & sweat – it’s my therapy. It’s what saved me during one of the toughest valleys of my life and it continues to be my saving grace many days. I’m a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer/Coach. Exercise in any form for me… whether it’s running, yoga, CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting, HIIT, etc…. is humbling & mentally challenging which makes me stronger on so many levels.  I recently completed my 200YT (yoga teacher training) and am excited to integrate that with my other passions. 

I love all things spiritual, woo & flowy. Live by the sun, love by the moon. 

I can be over the top or nothing at all… awkward & goofy or silent & “weird” — I’m good with it all 🙂

I am a recovering people pleaser & have learned over the last few years how to set healthy boundaries & am still a work in progress. Some people are not meant to ‘get’ us or be in our lives forever and that’s o-k-a-y. Love & appreciate them for when they were. Learn the lesson (people are always always always mirrors to some part of ourselves) and then lovingly release them. The level of freedom is so worth it all.

God is my rock, the Universe is infinite & I believe love is the answer to all the wrong in the world. I am a positive person & often see the best in people even when they don’t see it themselves.

Music moves me & I love that it has the power to take me back to moments of my life & how it has the power to help me remember to be here now & be thankful for the present moment & how it can motivate me to take that next best step. 

The beach is my heaven on Earth & I feel most at peace when I have my toes in the sand & can smell & feel the salt air.

Authenticity makes my heart soar & I admire those who allow themselves to be who they are, vulnerability is a strong trait & I strive to be more & more as my days go by.

Connection makes life worth living. I believe we each have a soul purpose & that we are meant to pursue our God-given destiny, which can be more than one thing & they can be done simultaneously, regardless of what “they” tell us.

I believe we are meant to be the light while we’re here on Earth. I believe we are all worthy, meant to be heard, loved & to love & I believe with all my soul that that’s all everyone on the planet truly really wants as humans… and I am here to connect with you, & in the process, hope we help one another find & embrace all the things.

It is my goal to use this platform to write, share my photographs, share my voice, help you own yours & share the stories of many others as time goes by. Big things are coming & I hope you’ll hang out for the long haul.  I am over the moon excited that you landed here (it’s not by accident, btw. It is divine timing!) I cannot wait to hear your heart & learn your soul.

Shoot me an email thesoulshinecollective@gmail.com & tell me a little about you – & how you found me!




I, Amy Meyer, have completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein.


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