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Mudpies, bike riding, Grandma’s cornbread, greens and pepper sauce, Grandpa’s gardening and the smell of his old truck, running through the woods with cousins and climbing trees, The Price is Right, box fans and sleepovers ….. our once a year trek to Central Florida to stay with Granddaddy and Grandma Donna to eat dumplins,’ see cousins and family we didn’t grow up riding bikes with, but who we knew and loved because …. FAMILY.

Those were the days.

And in those days, all we had were disposable cameras and film. Fortunately, many moments were captured and looking back on those photos, I feel nostalgic. I can smell the cornbread, I can feel the air of a central Florida summer, I can smile and feel so blessed to have so many memories with my grandparents, captured in time, on film.

So now, as a mother, it’s so incredible to watch my parents as grandparents interacting with their four grandchildren. They each have things they enjoy with MaeMae and things they enjoy with Papa.

So when my sister and I talked about doing a session with them and the kids, it was only natural that I capture those real, raw and authentic moments with them for our family and for generations to come. They wore what they normally would wear, and they did the things they normally do. I just happened to pose a few of the shots and follow them around the remainder of the time. It is my intention that when our kids look back on these photos, they will appreciate them, they will smell the smells and feel the air and remember.

I know I’m not the only one who appreciates these moments and holds nostalgic memories of the past. So I’m happy to announce that I am now offering “These Are the Days” lifestyle photo sessions. I would love to capture these moments for you and your family.

Message me for availability and details.