SURPRISE! I published TWO more books!

SO these have been finished for a while and I finally hit PUBLISH a little while ago…but kept it quiet. 😉 The first… “Blank Slate” –welcome to your next step 365 pages that I created to be used after forming habits and completing DAY BY DAY — or you can use it on it’s own.Continue reading “SURPRISE! I published TWO more books!”


“Before we take a stand, sometimes we must take a seat.”🖤✌🏻🖤✌🏻🖤 Stillness.Silence.Seated.Listening.Hearing.Empathizing.Loving. I have been trying to find the words to say, to portray all that is in my heart and soul. This, all this chaos, all this hatred, this uncertainty, all that is going on in the world is certainly not all mine toContinue reading “Sit”

fill your cup. take time for YOU.

Giving ourselves time to fill our cup is not selfish….. it is necessary. For years, has been a part of my message and story. I began online fitness coaching seven years ago and to help other women who were struggling like I was, hold that space, have that support, etc…. It was critical. And whenContinue reading “fill your cup. take time for YOU.”