welcome, humans.

It has been quite some time since I introduced myself on here and updated what all is going on in my world and how that affects you:) So here we go… I’m Amy, and the hats I wear include mom of two, wife, sister, daughter, friend…. photographer, published author, speaker, workshop host, online course creator,Continue reading “welcome, humans.”

dear daughters … as you begin the school year

I may have missed the memo that we could walk our kids into their classrooms this morning, so mine stumbled out of the carline with loaded backpacks and confused looks, but I am giving myself grace and know that in the end, I’m not perfect, neither is any other human and it’s all going toContinue reading “dear daughters … as you begin the school year”

“how can i be more consistent?”

I asked my FB community (join here) what is the one thing they were struggling with… and the OVERWHELMING answer was CONSISTENCY. Wow. Can I relate to that? Ohhh yes.  So I wanted to share with you what works for me — and if you’re consistent with it (haha) your life WILL CHANGE and feelContinue reading ““how can i be more consistent?””