“Before we take a stand, sometimes we must take a seat.”🖤✌🏻🖤✌🏻🖤 Stillness.Silence.Seated.Listening.Hearing.Empathizing.Loving. I have been trying to find the words to say, to portray all that is in my heart and soul. This, all this chaos, all this hatred, this uncertainty, all that is going on in the world is certainly not all mine toContinue reading “Sit”

the journey continues…

Throughout the years, fitness, in all forms, Beachbody, CrossFit, yoga, running, bootcamp….has brought me through some of the darkest times of my life. And the people I have met through these experiences are forever etched on my heart. There is something powerful and scientifically proven how movement affects our bodies and minds and souls. TheContinue reading “the journey continues…”

welcome, humans.

It has been quite some time since I introduced myself on here and updated what all is going on in my world and how that affects you:) So here we go… I’m Amy, and the hats I wear include mom of two, wife, sister, daughter, friend…. photographer, published author, speaker, workshop host, online course creator,Continue reading “welcome, humans.”

happy. weekend.

I can’t believe the week is already over – it was a whirlwind! My family and I spent last Friday – Monday in Blue Ridge, Georgia and it was lovely… a wonderful quick getaway and I highly recommend visiting if you’re able. (If you have been, I’d love to hear your recommendations!) We used toContinue reading “happy. weekend.”

dear daughters … as you begin the school year

I may have missed the memo that we could walk our kids into their classrooms this morning, so mine stumbled out of the carline with loaded backpacks and confused looks, but I am giving myself grace and know that in the end, I’m not perfect, neither is any other human and it’s all going toContinue reading “dear daughters … as you begin the school year”

“how can i be more consistent?”

I asked my FB community (join here) what is the one thing they were struggling with… and the OVERWHELMING answer was CONSISTENCY. Wow. Can I relate to that? Ohhh yes.  So I wanted to share with you what works for me — and if you’re consistent with it (haha) your life WILL CHANGE and feelContinue reading ““how can i be more consistent?””

release & grounded

I know that if I’m struggling with something, there is at least one other person who is as well. This is for that person. If you haven’t gathered by now, I tend to get overwhelmed a bit easily sometimes. And depending on the moon phases, hormones, moods of those around me (I’m a total empath;Continue reading “release & grounded”