who i am


Welcome to my world! I am so excited to have you here!

A little about me:

Amy = Beloved.

First things first, I am 100% human, far from perfect & on this journey of becoming my most authentic, loving self for this trip around the sun. I’m a single mom to two incredible humans & I am so blessed to be their mom. We are navigating our homeschool journey and it’s been a crazy beautiful ride so far. I have always felt led to homeschool and with the way our lives have transformed and transpired the last few years, I knew it was time. 

I’m a doer, when I’m in, I’m all in. Alternatively, when I’m out, I’m all out. I’m passionate, creative & strive to live the most authentic life I can. I am an empath, an intuitive, Scorpio sun, Cancer moon & Pisces rising…all water, all the time.

Taking inspired action, one step at a time, one breath at a time, one day at a time, is how I live my life. I teach others to do the same. In fact, I have published three books that encourage others to do the same 😉 and offer life, mind, body soul coaching to share the wisdom and tools I’ve used and continue to implement in my life. I also teach yoga in studio and online and focus on alignment, anatomy and breath – all while maintaining the practice of your yoga, your mat and the importance of connecting mind, body & soul while on the mat, and how it transfers/translates off the mat.

Photography is one of my first loves and has been for 15+ years – I love capturing the essence of my children and my clients. Lifestyle photos of all kinds of are my specialty and nature / landscape photography and capturing the world around us, the small things most don’t notice…is what lights me up as well. 

I believe our mess is our message and we have to own our story or it owns us – for years I allowed my anxiety and depression to control me. I have learned how to control it by giving myself permission to feel through the emotions and being mindful of exercise and nutrition and lots of soul care!

Things I know to be true & all I believe:

Wine + chocolate & sushi are soul food & belong in their own food group.

Journaling, yoga, meditation, essential oils, affirmations, crystals & palo santo are part of my daily life.

God is my rock, the Universe is infinite & I believe love is the answer to all the wrong in the world.

I am a positive person & often see the best in people even when they don’t see it themselves.

Music moves me. Authenticity makes my heart soar.

The beach, the outdoors/being in nature is my heaven on Earth.

Connection makes life worth living.

I believe we each have a soul purpose & that we are meant to pursue our God-given destiny, which can be more than one thing & they can be done simultaneously, regardless of what “they” tell us.

I believe we are meant to be the light while we’re here on Earth. I believe we are all worthy, meant to be heard, loved & to love & I believe with all my soul that that’s all everyone on the planet truly really wants as humans… and I am here to connect with you, & in the process, hope we help one another find & embrace all the things.

I cannot wait to journey with you!

– Amy

RYT200 Yoga Teacher
Trauma Informed
First Degree Holy Fire Reiki
USUI Holy Fire III / Reiki Level 2
CF-L1 CrossFit Trainer
Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Alumni


I, Amy Meyer, have completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein.


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