Divided We Rise

Let me begin by saying I don’t get into politics much. Let me also say that this post is NOT about politics. It is about love. It is about unity. It is about humanity.

I will, however, start this post by saying that this is the strangest year and strangest election I have ever witnessed. The day after election day, I, like many Americans, checked my phone for an update. I was shocked at how almost equally divided we were on electoral votes. I refreshed my phone several times just to be sure.

My first thought was, damn, we literally are a country divided. The numbers showed it.

Then I coached my normal Wednesday morning CrossFit class. The mood with everyone was (as a friend described it) somber. I felt the same. Then I taught my normal yoga class. The theme: “Surrender” — with heart opening poses. And a meditation to go along with. It was beautiful.

I am not one to live in fear. That doesn’t mean I am blind or don’t worry. I’m in the middle of something right now in my personal life that I’ve been a bit anxious about. But at the end of the day, I am doing all I can, taking all the steps I can and if it happens, so it is… and if it doesn’t, then I know and trust that there is something better coming.

That doesn’t mean I discount the reality of how bad something may SUCK. But what I do know and from my own experience is that things ALWAYS work themselves out and as long as we stay grounded in that truth, in our truth and a higher power, and in LOVE, then things will be okay. Yes, it may take time. But time is all we have.

So all these ramblings to say… and if you’re open to it, y’all, let’s do better. Let’s live from a place of love. Let’s live from a place of compassion. Let’s live from a place of empathy. Those are the very things that I hear SO MANY people talking about that we are missing. That is what I see missing. We can choose to let this election or differences in opinion divide us or unite us so we rise stronger, better and more human…..TOGETHER.

It doesn’t begin in the White House. It begins with the people. Those people are US. It begins with US. And it begins with LOVE.

Sending all the love & healing light to you and yours. May you be well. May you be happy. May you be at peace. And may you be love.

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