My goodness, how things can change in a year’s time.

This time last year we were getting ready to go on a family trip to Blue Ridge, and it was a beautiful trip. 

Little did I know what would come upon our return and the months following.

And thank God for it all. 

For the changes. 

For the heartache & heartbreak. 

For the lies, deceit, infidelity, manipulation.

For the strength I have found within again. 

For taking back, owning, standing & RISING in my power.

For promising myself to never ever allow anyone to have control over my thoughts, emotions or dreams. 


When I reflect on the growth this past year, it brings me tears. 

I am not the same person. I have become stronger, I have gained my independence back, I have stood up for myself and used my voice in situations I would’ve played small or shrunk before. And with each passing day, more growth comes. And I welcome it. It has been messy, it has been beautiful. Either way, it’s here and it feels so damn good. I have a tribe of humans who have my back and have literally picked me up when I’ve been on the floor. Who have loved my girls like their own and been there when they’ve cried. Who have cried with us. Who have (and continue to ) show up without asking and know exactly what to say or do, if anything. For that, I am infinitely grateful …even though I am still learning how to receive and accept. 🙂

Never again will I allow any human to dim my shine. And I will continue to shine my light, mainly so that my girls understand they can do any damn thing they put their minds to, no matter the storms. Watching my children blossom and not be under the constant stress of what was, has been the biggest blessing through this all. I’m so proud to be their mama. Never again will I allow anyone in my life to interfere with their peace. 

I guess this post is a post of reflection and gratitude. The days are not all rainbows and sunshine, but damn it, we only get one shot at this thing called life and I had to share…. As a mentor of mine once said, it’s time, “F it, let’s go!” — and from now on, that’s the mindset. 

And that there is SO MUCH MORE coming — that’s been building in me for years and now I finally know I am ready. So much more. Get ready, because the way I’m showing up in the world is how I teach my children to show up in the world. Unapologetic, compassionate, passionate, confident. I’m working on infusing all the things I am unapologetically passionate about together… yoga, mindset, coaching, spirituality, writing, entrepreneurship into one… something that those of you who can resonate with this post, may be craving. If you are struggling with any kind of loss, grief, divorce, or uncertainty of any kind, stay tuned. I am pouring my heart and soul into this next level offering and it is for you. 

And know that if you’re at a crossroads, or having a moment where you can’t get off the floor, know that you can. That it may suck, but it will get better, you will get through it, and you will RISE because of it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey so far. Love & Light <3 

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