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“Before we take a stand, sometimes we must take a seat.”


I have been trying to find the words to say, to portray all that is in my heart and soul. This, all this chaos, all this hatred, this uncertainty, all that is going on in the world is certainly not all mine to carry, like it has felt at times, but it is damn sure mine to think about and figure out what role, no matter how big or how small, I am responsible to play and make a change for the highest good.

My heart has been leading me to say that the answer seems simple.

It’s four letters.

The answer is L O V E. The answer is listening. Sitting with our shit and our programming and our emotions. Asking ourselves WHY we feel things on the level we do.
Then we can take a stand. We can be brave. We can make a change. And it begins with love.
But it’s complicated, because love means so many different things to so many people.

As I have been sitting this week, watching, observing, listening, I still don’t know what do but I do know that I invite you to get still, ask why you feel the way you feel, when you began to feel that way, what story made you believe that was true… and is it ultimately true? And then think of one small way to make a change.

Regardless, please know I see you, I hear you and I love you.

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