let the light in on your human-ness

I don’t believe any of us are broken.
I believe we are human.
I believe we are put here to shine our light, following our own path to love and to serve.
I believe that more often than not, we are placed in difficult situations to help grow us….to show us what truly matters and to help us serve from a vulnerable place of intention, passion and truth.
I have had so many deep conversations with friends over the last several days and so many of us are feeling the heaviness of the world; but with that, we are also finding and feeling the beauty that is in the mundane, the simple, the everyday.
As a collective, we are being forced to stay home, connect, tune inward and trust. And for many of us, surrendering to a force much larger than us, because that faith, surrender and trust are the very things giving us hope and helping us power through.
friends, we are all in this together, remember on the tough days, the things we are facing, are going to make us so much stronger, more resilient, more loving, more appreciative, more human. More as one.
Don’t give up. Beautiful things are coming. And for those facing the unheard of, the hurt, the pain that either this virus is causing, or some other life altering situation, I bow to you, I honor you, I am praying with you and for you. Don’t give up. May you find your light. May you feel the light surrounding you and may you remember we are in this together.
Sending so much love & light to you and yours.

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