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Throughout the years, fitness, in all forms, Beachbody, CrossFit, yoga, running, bootcamp….has brought me through some of the darkest times of my life. And the people I have met through these experiences are forever etched on my heart. There is something powerful and scientifically proven how movement affects our bodies and minds and souls. The community that is formed can be life changing, and thankfully for me, has been. 

A few years back, when I was coaching full time with Beachbody (and loved dearly, it served its purpose for the time and turned my life and many others around) but the missing piece that I felt which led me to life coaching and building online courses …and to most recently publishing a book, was the WHY of why everyone was so desperate to dive into fitness, show up to class, attend a yoga class or CrossFit class and sweat themselves into misery on some days. Ha! Myself included. It goes way deeper than the physical aspect. What I have learned and observed is that people want community, they want to be seen, heard, validated. They want to heal parts of them they may not know (yet) exist and walk away from a class or workout more empowered, satisfied and at peace. They want to feel good! 

That is why I wrote my book. It IS the journey, through the depths and figuring out why we show up like we do. And it’s why I continue to show up. 

Right now, I am on a journey of exploring even more…  the depths of my yin (yoga) to my yang (CrossFit and all other forms of intense exercise that I love!) …I committed to YTT (yoga teacher training) and have never felt more in my truth than now. I love the yang side and it remains, because it’s a part of the journey as well! 😉 What I will do with the training, I’m not sure at the moment, I went into it with no expectations, which I’m learning is the best way to do things sometimes.

YTT brings a lot of peeling back the layers, which can be uncomfortable, but just as anything in life, we don’t grow unless we get uncomfortable. It also means that playing small and surface level things (whatever that looks like) no longer serves my soul and I have to be okay with that and learn to release. It also reminds me how each individual comes into our lives at just the right moment and serves a purpose, that we may not yet understand, but it is there and one day we will see if we are open. The tribe of women in our YTT is divine and I have no doubt we are going to be connected and in touch / in tune for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful.

I have always been a seeker, but not in the sense that I don’t know who I am or what I want, but in the way that I know there is more than what meets the eye and I want to explore it all, to the depths of eternity. And it took me a while to accept that not everyone is going to understand my intensity and that it’s okay if they don’t. I don’t (and neither does anyone else) need a permission slip.

We are all on our own path, our own soul’s journey and we are allowed to be who we were made to be. We are allowed to become and un-become. We are allowed to change directions. To move. To grow. We are allowed to go against the grain and discover what makes our own souls shine… because when we do, we are able to come from a deeper place, a place of truth and love and compassion and pay it forward to others. 

I write this with the intention that it helps reach whoever needs to hear it. I encourage you to explore the true YOU, and release the patterns that have held you back. I encourage you to get still. To see others, to really SEE them and to accept them and love them as they are. Even if it means from a distance. I encourage you to be open to new opportunities, experiences and relationships. I invite you to continue on YOUR path and look at the road bumps as lessons and keep going. The world needs your light. The world needs YOU, just as you are.

I feel you. I see you. I am with you.

If you’d like to chat more, I’d love to hear from you! DM me and please feel free to share this post! 


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