G R O U N D E D . . . ⁠in truth.⠀

Living your truth can be a wild ride.⁣ ⠀
Some will question. ⠀
Some won’t think anything about it. ⁣⠀
Some will judge. ⠀
Some won’t. ⁣⠀
Some will ignore. ⠀
Some will try to shout you down. ⁣⠀
Some will join you & stand beside you. ⠀
Some disappear. ⁣⠀
Some will believe in you. ⠀
Some won’t. ⁣⠀
Some will understand. ⠀
Some will not. ⁣⠀
No matter what, know this. You are light. ✨ You are love & you are YOU. 💖 Never shrink for the fear that someone won’t accept you for YOU. You are magnificent & are loved just as YOU ARE. Live your truth. Speak your truth. Dress your truth. And know that you are here for a purpose bigger than you can even fathom. ✌🏻🙌🏻♥️🌊⠀

📸credit: @serenity_stephaniem ✨♥️

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