When someone says something about us & we get upset, many times it’s because we fear it may be true. But that’s when the growth happens.🌱

It helps us to peel back the layers & unveil the truth.
Sometimes it’s hard. ⁠
Sometimes it’s soft. ⁠
Sometimes it throws us for a loop. ⁠

Our first reaction may be to shut down, withdraw, confront or post / bash on social media…..

Allow the negative to be a reflection, name it, feel it, move through it, release & RISE ABOVE. ⁠✌🏻

While there is always room for growth, remember that you are amazing human & don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise.⁠

⁠Remember, YOU are love. ♥️✌🏻✨

I recently had this happen to me & I had to work through some tough stuff… here are the questions I journaled on… ⁠

• Is what ____ said about me / to me ultimately true? ⁠
• What is bothering me about what was said? ⁠
• What do I need to recognize about this experience? ⁠
• How can I grow through this? ⁠
• Do I know my truth & am I confident in who I am? ⁠
• Do I need to create loving boundaries with this person and/or have a discussion with them?⁠
• How can I get back in the energy of love?

Does this help? DM me with your thoughts… I’d love to hear. Sending love to you all ✌🏻♥️


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