growth & blessings

I attended the most beautiful baby blessing // womb blessing // ceremony. To celebrate & honor two women growing a life …for the first time. 🌱The experience had me wondering why this type of ceremony isn’t the norm in our corner of the world. It was absolutely breathtaking, emotional & one of the most joyous events I’ve ever participated in. 🌟⠀
Transitioning into motherhood is such a beautiful & sacred process…and should be treated as such… which is exactly what this event embodied. During the ceremony, we shared thoughts, advice, prayers, blessings, laughs, & tears. We created gorgeous flower crowns for the mothers to be, the babies and the grandmothers…⁠💐🌸🌼⠀
We, this circle of women with many backgrounds, beliefs, life experiences & stories poured so much joy & love into each other & I am honored to have been a part of it. I cannot wait to share the joy when the babies are born into this world & see their light that they are sure to shine!⁠💫⠀
Attending this ceremony reminded me of how damn POWERFUL we are as women. And how important CONNECTION is. How motherhood, womanhood, sisterhood is NECESSARY. I am to the point in my life where surface level experiences just aren’t serving me anymore. I want to FEEL. For years, I blocked the connection. I kept up walls. They are coming down. ⠀

Who is feeling the shift & need for more authentic connections and experiences? ♥️✌🏻🙌🏻⠀

photo cred: stephanie s. mccoy

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