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M I N D F U L ⁠⠀
It was a beautiful weekend and I have so many things to feel grateful for, but it was also messy and hard to some degree. I’ll spare all the details, but what is important is the lessons that come through – “BE MINDFUL” was the message I heard loud & clear… so I wanted to share what that looks like for me in hopes of helping you & trusting this post will reach the right human who needs to hear it as well ❤ ⁠⠀
// Stay connected by being present, turning off electronics and social media often & stop the mindless scrolling.⁠⠀
// Yoga & meditation DAILY, no excuses.⁠⠀
// Journal daily.⁠⠀
// Mindful of food & drink/consumption. I know what makes me feel good & what doesn’t… it’s time to remember that & stay away from what doesn’t serve my best self.⁠⠀
// Listen more than talk. Ask questions. ⁠⠀
// Saying YES only when it serves the good of my family & my soul. Saying NO thanks to all the other. ⁠⠀
// And this weekend, I plan to turn my phone off, be with my family, in nature & with my “real” camera;) as I stay present & in the moment.⁠⠀
>>> What are some things you can do to stay mindful? Is this something you struggle with?

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