This session was one for the books. Artist + artist… creating. I so enjoyed it. Katlyn is, in my opinion, a creative genius, and when I asked her to describe herself in one word, naturally, she said, “Creative. I can take anything and turn it into a work of art. I see the beauty in all and find ways to be resourceful.”

Her authenticity inspires me as a person and a creative so much. She says (and lives this truth) “I’m making my own path and reaching for the stars no matter the obstacle and judgment.”

Check out her vision, business & art over on IG! Uniquely Clever and

…and thank you Katlyn for trusting my creative vision and being an incredible model, even in THE worst Florida humidity we have had – HA!!! ::)

If you’d like to book a creative photography experience, I have spots opening for October & November. Email me

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