our true essence

I have come to believe the true essence of who we are begins when we are little.

Then life happens, and we forget. We lose it. We become something we are not. Something that does not move us at our core. And sometimes, like in my life, there is a moment when we look in the mirror and literally do not recognize the face, the body, the soul that is staring back at us. And in that moment, we must decide who we are, who we were and what we want to do about (un)becoming that human who no longer serves us. 

I have loved the beach ever since I was a tiny human. 

I still love the beach.

Growing up on the Gulf Coast, it has been woven into my being. It is a part of me and I am a part of it.

And of course during times of strife, the beach has been my constant. Among other things, it is what healed me during heartbreak, it has been what many times connected me to some of the greatest loves of my life, and some of the best ideas have been born there.

As humans, we ebb, we flow, we change, we become, we un-become, we redefine, we grow. 

What is something that is a part of your essence? What do you love so much but never make time to do? Or have you forgotten who you are at your core?

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