i am capable…..

These last few weeks have felt heavy to me. I have felt scattered and edgy and out of the ordinary. 

I have lost my cool more than usual, felt out of tune with my surroundings and felt challenged in ways that usually would feel comfortable.

I have felt like I needed to retreat and then other moments when I needed to be around others humans. 

I have this feeling of a deep knowing that a shift is coming.

I continue to learn that it is a day by day process of letting go of things that no longer serve the highest good, of releasing old patterns and triggers. Of saying no to things that aren’t a hell yes and yes to things that are.

Learning to listen to our soul, to do the things necessary to stay in alignment, to do the things that allow us to be our best so that when we do show up for others, it’s authentic and loving and from the best place possible…it can be uncomfortable but so so necessary. 

One of the things that helps me through times like this, is affirmations. 

I have been repeating this affirmation and feeling it and believing it … and it has helped. 

My intention is that it helps you as well.  <3  In order for affirmations to work, repeat them often and out loud. FEEL the feeling of believing what you’re saying. And watch the magic happen 🙂 


(For this and more affirmations and a safe space to vent and be, I have created a daily creative guide and journaling space to do just that. You can check it out here>>> DAY BY DAY

Sending all the love & high vibes to you & yours today! <3 

I’d love to hear from you – have you been feeling out of sorts lately to? What are you doing to help? 

2 thoughts on “i am capable…..

  1. Oh man! I feel like I’m with ya on this one! Is the book journal or are those more pages to it? I couldn’t see much on the Amazon listing. Cool idea!

    1. We’re in this together! 🙂
      Yes, it is a 4 week journey / guide with daily pages, weekly check ins, affirmations and extra pages of journaling prompts.

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