Here’s a TRUTH…

Even when things are uncertain, even when life isn’t clear which direction you should go, tune in. Look above. Know that you are loved and led and things will always work out. There are no wrong answers and detours are simply rerouting you in another direction where you’ll see and learn things you might have missed out on had you stayed on the original path.

TRUTH #2: There is no wrong answer. We can’t get this wrong. Everything that we do, everything that we are….it’s ALL a part of the greater plan. I spent many years and moments of my life thinking there was an arrival … that when I arrived, everything would be easy and perfect and just click. And something DID click, but it’s been a process, it IS a process and it will continue to be. That’s why they say life is a journey, not a destination. I get it. At 37 years old, I get it. And I’m here, along for the ride and ready.

TRUTH #3: We humans, we are all the same, we are all one, living in the same time space, but yet we have different perspectives and journeys and it’s all okay. It’s okay to be different. To be mirrors of one another is one of the beautiful things about life. We get to choose what’s next. We get to choose how we react.

TRUTH #4: Becoming self aware and responsible for our actions are the first step to healing. Notice I said “healing,” not “fixing.” There is nothing “wrong” with any of us, but deep in our core, we may sometimes get out of tune and out of alignment from what our soul is truly calling us to do, be or say. 

I’ll be sharing more in this series of these truths and on some steps I’ve taken personally to move from “victim mode” to self aware & learning how to take massive responsibility for my actions (or lack of). 

Does this resonate with you? 

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