dream a thousand dreams…

I have always been fascinated by the moon, the stars, the universe & galaxies & everything they embody. The universe is a big place. And we are SO so small. It’s incredible when we slow down and think about just how small we truly are. 

When I was little, my mom and cousin painted a mural on one wall of my bedroom …the background was dark purple with an incredible whimsical tree (inspired by one of my favorite artists, Flavia Weedn) and the quote “dream a thousand dreams.” When friends would visit, they would sign their names and write a message on glow in the dark stars… then we stuck them on the tree (wall). It was so fun, creative and we all loved it. 

You see, I’m a dreamer… I’m not the only one… 😉 …but I also know what it takes to make dreams happen. And sometimes certain dreams are not meant to be long term. It took me a while to switch off the sweet nonchalant “follow your dreams” thought process to “chase your dreams and go after them!” Dreams take a whole lot of belief, commitment, and time. and most importantly, when dreams are placed in our hearts, we must take the inspired action ONLY to bring them to fruition, otherwise, it’s forced and will not work.

Maybe you’re like me, (and chances are we have something in common, since you are reading this …thank you, btw!!) and maybe you have dreamed so many things up that you can’t seem to figure out which you should do or which you should do first. 

I hope this will shed a little light on the situation for you if you’re still in the where do I begin mode… 

1) First of all, tune in to your soul. Ask. Pray. What is it that you’re feeling inspired and led to do FIRST? Right now? If you can’t sit still to meditate on it, or if you would rather write, free writing / journaling is a fantastic way to get the answers without overthinking it and letting your ego take over. Make some time for yourself to get still & quiet (or with calming music) and your journal… set a timer for 5 minutes. Take a few deep breaths and then at the top of the page, write “What would you have me do? Who would you have me serve? And how?” Then just write. Don’t think. Don’t judge. Don’t edit. 

Don’t read it yet…

2) Next, write & answer the question in your journal: “What is one thing I can do today to move toward this?” Again, write without thinking, judging or editing. 

3) Read what you wrote … other things may have come up and out for you and that’s totally okay. Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly … because it is 🙂  I’m trusting you will feel refreshed and empowered to do that ‘one thing’ — or the “inspired action” step. So do that. Don’t think. Just take that one step. It could be small, it could be huge. But do it. No thinking. No excuses. 

4) Final step…. Trust, believe & surrender that you are right where you are meant to be. In this moment. With the information and resources you have. It will happen. And it will come. Keep applying these few steps when you feel stuck and watch your dreams come to life! 🙂 

I would love to know what you’re working on… what are you dreaming about right now? Comment below or shoot me an email. thesoulshinecollective@gmail.com

Sending all the love and light to you on your journey. You are magnificent! 

One thought on “dream a thousand dreams…

  1. Goodness, where do I start?! *Priority…..Healing my health, mind, body, and soul! They are all so tired. 👀😑
    Currently dreaming of completing my first full marathon..next year! 🙄 Crazy, right?!

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