I used to pick a word every year that would be my theme for the year. I would center all I do and am and be around that specific word. That worked …somewhat… for a bit, but I felt stifled and stressed because when I decide I’m going to do something, I go all in…and let’s just be honest, sometimes we aren’t capable of being certain ways in our life because it just doesn’t serve us anymore. With me? Okay, so I was just thinking about all of this a few days before the new year began, and the word SAVOR popped in my head. So I decided then, that it was meant to be my word for this season (however long it may last;)) — and so far it’s working for me. The fun thing about life is that there are no rules, and we can evolve, grow and change whenever we CHOOSE.

I’d love to know your thoughts …do you pick a word, why or why not? If yes, what it is?

Here are my thoughts on my word for now… SAVOR.

Because time is fleeting & we get one shot.
Because my kids are growing by the millisecond & I want to soak it all in.
Being present… because real life is way better lived than lived on social media.
Because so often we rush through the days & aren’t able to see what we have.
My morning coffee & rituals.
The sunlight peeking through in the mornings & the sunset disappearing but not before lighting up the night sky.
The feeling of an incredible workout and moving my body.
A good book.
Wine, chocolate, sushi, or whatever my soul feels led to indulge in.
The little things. Because they really are the big things.
Every single moment of every single day as often as I can.
Who’s with me?

January 2019. This is it. Let’s do it. 

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