more than one way…

So there’s this misconception (at least I carried it subconsciously with me for 30+ years) that we have to “be” one thing… meaning one career, believe one way or one thought process, etc., etc. Especially in the realm of a career, I always believed (who knows why?!) that if I was more than one thing, that it meant I wasn’t stable, or secure or was “lost” — um, where did that mindset come from?!

It explains why I felt stuck & suffocated for so long.

The day I realized that it’s okay (and completely normal) for my creative soul to be interested in more than one thing… that I don’t need a single title to define me, & how I could do them simultaneously (with a whole lot of time management!;)) oh my, how that changed my perspective.

Because the truth is, I’m a creative. I’m an entrepreneur spirit. I love learning, implementing, teaching, & coaching…..I love being a mom, I love photography & creating & I also love fitness & nutrition & holistic practices. I love marketing & I love writing & blogging. It’s all part of who I am. Who I was created to be. And I can do and be those things all at once. Because just as life … we ebb, we flow & we evolve. It’s what keeps us ALIVE.

Photo: me in one of my “roles” as a coach at our local CrossFit 🙂 

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