just as you are.

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Not everyone is going to get you.
And that’s okay.
Not everyone is going to agree with you.
And that’s okay.
Not everyone is going to see you for who you are.
And that’s okay.
Not everyone is going to understand or respect the boundaries you set.
And that’s okay.

It’s not your job to prove anything.
To anyone.
It’s not your job to please anyone and everyone.

It’s your job to be YOU.

And the best version of you that you can possibly be.

That’s all.

The world needs authenticity and real.
We need healing and truth.
We need to feel we are allowed to be who we are.
We need to trust ourselves enough to BE who we are.

You’re not for everyone and that’s okay.
It doesn’t mean you are any less than.
Or any more than.
You just aren’t for everyone.
And everyone isn’t for you.

It has taken years of healing work … but I no longer worry about being judged or talked about because I know that I don’t need validation from anyone else. Self-love, connection to my faith… it’s my journey and mine alone. No one has to agree. They don’t have to come along with.

When I realized that truth, it became my truth.

The struggles in my life have always come when I tried to put on a front of who I thought everyone expected of me. When truth be told, some of those expectations didn’t even exist and I had nothing to prove to anyone. As long as we act loving, respectful, and show up 100% as who we are, life falls into place. And the right people will come into our lives….and many times, leave that season of our lives as well.

For the last few years I have been on a journey of exploration and discovery of my inner self, my faith, and really deep diving into what life is all about. I have had people not get it…. poke fun… mock or ignore me… and even call me crazy…but here’s the thing. It’s not about me when those things happen. It’s always about how I am bringing out the fears THEY have. And that’s okay. I will still love them. And I will still be me, because I was made with a purpose and a plan by a higher power than me…and I’m beyond okay with that.

Own up to who you are. It’s what the world needs.

And, as I tell my 5 and 7 year old daughters:

Be true to you. You are enough. Just as you are.

Journaling on these questions can help you crack open, discover who you are and the person you want to show up as. Take some time anytime you’re questioning your “good enough” — light a candle or some palo santo (it’s lovely!), grab a pretty notebook, put on some music, take a few deep breaths and dive in…..

  • Who am I?
  • Who am I showing up as in the world?
  • Do I need to be more true to me? What’s one thing I can do to show up as me?
  • Who or what triggers me into feeling not good enough? Is that feeling ultimately true?

If this resonates with you,  feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email thesoulshinecollective@gmail.com – talk with you soon, friend! 


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