me in one of my happy places 🙂

“Everybody always asks if you have a career, if you’re married, if you have children. As if life was some kind of grocery list, but no one every asks us if we are happy.”

(I found this quote randomly on IG, if you’re the owner, please comment below & thank you for your wisdom!)

You see, being vulnerable connects us as humans. Many times we refuse to allow ourselves to be seen. Truly seen. For fear of what people may think.

Here’s what I know to be true…and was lovingly told by a life coach of mine… “people are judging you anyway, because that’s what people do, so what does it matter?

So…you do you. Ask the questions. Answer the questions. Be YOU. And be proud of who you are and where you come from. I, for one, admire and respect people a ton more if they’re real and raw and not afraid to be who they are. My kids are a prime example — no filter and no apologies. Real. Raw. Authentic. As they are.

And I truly do care how people are ….happy for them if they have all the things and titles or whatever but things aren’t always as they seem (very rare actually) and I love to know what makes people tick. Where they come from, what they believe and why and how they’re doing.

All that said, are you happy? Truly 100% happy, wouldn’t change a thing? Or is there room for improvement? (always, if you are human, just sayin;))

And if you were honest, and answered room for improvement, what is one thing that you can do right now to move toward happy? And if you are 100% happy, why? What lights up your life?

While we are on the subject of vulnerability and happiness, I have had people tell me that I have it all…and I know they mean well, but it also means I haven’t shown them all my truth. Of being human….so allow me to clear the air on that 😉

I don’t have it all (who truly does?) but what I do have, I am extremely grateful for. It’s the little things that I try my hardest to stay focused on, and I always come back to positive things even if the current reality sucks. Which to be honest, there are some days where it just does. Just sucks. I am human, so I struggle with my kids, my self limiting beliefs, family & marriage…and many times all at once. Doesn’t mean I’m not happy or grateful but I’m human and I have to come back to that. And come back to my light and center to stay focused on the positive and the light & being a light…

So tell me, what lights you up?

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