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Have you ever been asked a difficult question?

One of those questions that changes the course of your life forever?

One that you were not sure how it even came up, & you definitely weren’t prepared to answer it, but once you did, it changed EVERYTHING?

For me, to date, THE question was asked by dear life coaches of mine… and it was this:


Those four words …
that “simple” little question…
was EXACTLY what I needed at the time.

A question that lovingly forced me to face myself & my truth.
To, for the first time in a long time, to be HONEST with myself.

And still, over a year later as I’m writing this post, I still ask myself that question occasionally and still, it gets me every.single.time. SO good. And SO necessary.

So I am asking you now…
in a world of should’s and
what if’s and
why’s and
so and so says….


I encourage you to sit with it for a few moments…
& then free write in your journal.
It’s important to not judge what comes up & out.
Just go with it.

Then leave me a comment & let me know if it helps you in any way!




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