procrastination or intuition


I have a confession.

I’m a procrastinator.

I work well under pressure. (I like the rush;))

Most of the time I scoot out the door with few minutes to spare. (or maybe because I don’t set my alarm;))

I pay a bill on the day it’s due. (It’s not technically late…;))

I sometimes put decisions on hold. (Check yes or no, it’s really not that hard, Amy!)

Any of this sound familiar??

I came across this quote the other day….

“Procrastination can be a form of intuition.”

OH, how it hit me……

Our SOUL knows what is best. ALWAYS.

Which is why we wait.

We know it’s not the right time, the right situation, the right circumstances.

We know because we didn’t take inspired action to get there.

We know because we heard that little voice (thank you, God!) that said not now, no, or wait.

So we are actually tuning in to what we already know…and that’s a gift! A very necessary gift that we all have, if we just listen.

As much as it seems like procrastination, it’s our higher self, our higher power, working through us to save us.

When I realized this, it was like DUH. Are you with me on this??

So I feel better knowing I’m not just lazy haha. But seriously.

HOWEVER….  That said, sometimes we just need to get up, get moving, get our shit together and MOVE & make it happen! 🙂

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