How often do we twist what we think to make it our reality?

For example, this tree I snapped a photo of during a photo session last weekend… it immediately caught my eye because it was so different, and instead of thinking yikes, what happened there, it’s so ugly/weird looking, I immediately thought, wow, it’s so neat looking & wondered the story behind it. How did it get that way, how long had it been that way?

People are the same way.

Maybe we don’t see what went on behind the scenes, why & how they got that way…

But the fact is, everyone has their stories, reasons why they do, say, and act a certain way.

Many times in my life I have “twisted” things, played victim (took something personally/blame-game) and/or not seen the full picture.

Twisted could also be viewed as judgement … but where there is judgement, there is no love … and I believe love is the only way.

So, when something APPEARS to be one way, how can we flip the switch to see things differently? What can we do?

Say these affirmations out loud as many times as necessary to feel it in your soul:

  • I choose to see this differently.
  • I choose to act in love.
  • I choose to surrender to what is, not what I think is.
  • I choose to believe the best.

And when all feels lost, when you feel helpless, tune in. Pray.

Does this resonate with you? Can you think of a situation, person or time in your life where things got twisted? How did you feel? How did you react?

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