imperfections. or perfections?


I have never liked my nose.

I have always blamed it on my Cherokee Indian heritage…but honestly, when & WHY did I EVER feel like I had to “blame” it on anything?

I have always thought my feet were “too big” – but WHY? Like who the hell really cares. I mean, what does it matter? (Not to mention I am ME & was made in the image of God, & none of these things make or break me as a human. I am ME, perfectly & wonderfully made!)

I have never been one to focus or judge someone based on looks, (not that I haven’t ever, because yes, I’m human & definitely not perfect) but it’s not my thing.

I believe some of the most beautiful people are the ones who don’t “stand out.”

I am raising two little girls…. who will be teenagers and then women… and it is my DUTY to raise them to see beyond the surface.

I want them to lead them to focus on the inner beauty & workings of other humans.

Beyond skin color, beyond the size of someone’s nose or waistline.

I want to lead them to love themselves, trust their inner knowing, lead them to be nice humans & to stand up for what they believe in.

And if the day comes that they say they’re too this or not enough that… I want to be prepared.

Because in a society where the social media feeds exude perfection, I want my little girls to know that they are in fact enough.

I want to lead them to BE just as they are… leaving room to grow, improve, inspire & love with everything they are.

I can only do that by being an example.

They are watching. They are learning. And they just ARE.

If I focus on my imperfections, what is that showing them?

It’s something I have to stay mindful of.

I do it for me.

I do it for them.

I do it for the world.

What is one thing you can look at yourself right now & say I LOVE ______. Leave a comment or send me a message. We are in this together, fellow human. Sending so much love your way! <3

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