we must slow down to speed up.


We must slow down to speed up.

As an empath & an entrepreneur, a mom & a wife… a friend, a sister, etc. etc….I have to remind myself that I cannot do it all.
It is not my responsibility to carry the burdens & emotions of others.
I have to set boundaries.
I have to let go when I need to.
I have to slow down & tune in.
I have to remind myself I’m HUMAN & that resting, saying no, & logging off are 100% necessary to my mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing.

We live in a go-go-go society & it’s not always the healthiest state of mind. Ya feel me? 

I encourage you, before you get to the state of overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration and feeling defeated… make sure you take some time for you. To do what lights you up. Have fun. Tune out. Turn off your phone. Be with your family. Eat good food. Get outside. Be creative. Laugh, dance & PLAY!

Go slow, go fast. YOU have the choice to set the pace. Don’t let anyone else define that pace for you.

Here’s an exercise that helps me tremendously when feeling that pull in 1,000 directions: 

1. Make a list of all your have to-do’s.
2. Make a list of all your to don’t’s.

Really think about the things you are putting on those lists & be sure they’re in line with what you truly need, want & what fits in your life (and your family’s if applicable) right now.

I have created something that will help you prioritize. Using these worksheets will create a major shift in helping you set your intentions for the day & stay focused on what truly matters.

You can download it here…. 

Be sure to let me know you grabbed it! Post a photo on IG, tag me @thesoulshinecollective & use the hashtag #thesoulshinecollective so I know you got it! 🙂 

Have an incredible week!! Love & light to you!

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