chaos –> calm

“Calmness among chaos is a human superpower. Give yourself that power.”

Can I be real with you?

I used to thrive on chaos.

If chaos in some form wasn’t present, I felt uncomfortable.

I felt like things were “too good to be true.”

If I wasn’t procrastinating or running late, then I “must” have forgotten to do something… and the outcome wouldn’t be ideal.

If I wasn’t working my butt off, X amount of hours a week, the money would never come.

And guess what, because I had that mindset, usually my outcomes were just that. Less than idea. Stressful. Chaotic. Lack. Definitely not in flow.

Sometimes we stay uncomfortably comfortable amongst the chaos to avoid the peace that we so deeply desire, but amongst that chaos we are not able to immediately recognize what is actually happening.

Did you follow that? 😉 You with me? Can you relate? I’ll explain what I’ve learned & I trust that it serves you.

The chaos was a PATTERN.

The procrastinating / running late was a PATTERN.

The workaholic in me was a PATTERN. That stemmed from a FEAR.

Fear of something actually going right.

Fear of actually being seen.

What do I mean?

Many times the patterns we continue to live & repeat are things that stem from a childhood belief … a trauma … an experience … and many times we aren’t aware because we don’t get still long enough to recognize them.

But in order for growth to happen, for abundance to flow, for the chaos to turn to calm… we must tune in.

For example, I had a belief & a fear of losing money for the longest time.

When I was 6 years old, someone came to our apartment asking my dad for some money because he was out of gas and his pregnant wife was in the car waiting on him and they had no way to go. My dad graciously gave him $20 (which was a lot back then!) and then watched as he sped off in his car that was parked not far from our apartment. My dad was humiliated & angry, I was terrified because I didn’t understand how someone could lie and be such a ‘bad man,’ and my mom tried to console the both of us. We had been taken advantage of and trusted that he was truly in need.

I didn’t realize for nearly 30 years that that ONE situation had created a belief that no matter how hard I worked, my money was always going to be taken from me. And guess what, for many years, I was living in that lack mindset. Never enough. Struggling.

The way I worked through that belief … I flipped the switch with this affirmation & belief in it:
The service I provide to the world makes a massive impact, compensates me well and there is always more than enough.

And when I realized THAT TRUTH, the chaos around money turned to calm. I no longer worry about losing money. That by walking in my truth, there is always more.

That’s just one example.

It’s necessary to get still.
To tune in.
To face ourselves.
To get real.
The good, the bad, the scary.

I have been able to tune in & recognize some of these self-limiting beliefs & patterns doing a combination of these three things:

  1. Meditating (guided meditations are my fave!)
  2. Journaling (What is my earliest memory of_____ [examples: money, love, career, life, spirituality, children/family]? Are the circumstances surrounding this belief actually true?
  3. Deep breathing & getting still in nature (the beach is my fave!)

What do you think? Did this resonate with you? Any ah-ha moments?

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