Lessons & thoughts from last weekend…

  • Tricks & OOPS!… When you hit the side button on your iPhone (8+) it WILL call 911 and they WILL send someone out to your house, beating on your door and scaring the hell out of you. Lol. I don’t recommend it. I was listening to a meditation and half asleep when I thought I was turning up the volume, but apparently, I held down the button and it made the emergency call. Oops. But good to know in case of an emergency! Side note: that meditation came in handy after that to get me calm & centered! ha!
  • Animals VS. Humans… We went to the zoo for my now 5-year old’s birthday and it was so much fun! Watching the animals made me realize that we as a species and animals on this planet aren’t really all that different. The monkeys are always my favorite… there was a baby, a mom & the dad. The mom was swinging from bar to bar, really giving a show with the baby in tow…she then landed on the platform, put her back to us and the dad swooped over and covered them both, as if to say “Show’s over guys, move it along. My love and baby love need a break. And it’s my job to make sure they get it.” The sweetest. It got me thinking… how often, as humans, do we take the initiative and cover, protect & care for our loved ones…physically & emotionally? What is one thing we can do daily to make our loved ones feel needed, loved, appreciated, wanted & cherished? It’s definitely something I’m going to work on because life is short and showing up in love is the ONLY WAY.
  • The blue moon / full moon, a new month & Easter all in one weekend… what an encouraging, refreshing and humbling thought! With that in mind, what intentions are you setting for the month?  I’ll be sharing some of mine over in my FB community. Join in the conversation HERE. See you there!!

I also MUST give a huge SHOUT OUT to all my 5 Day Soul Care LIVE Masterclass ladies. They killed it in our masterclass last week. Did you miss it? Keep an eye out…. the The 5 Day Soul Care Masterclass will be available for purchase VERY SOON! & I’ll be sharing some thoughts from those who did this one so you don’t miss out on the next!

That’s all I got for ya for now 🙂 reach out anytime

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