how to step into your power


I played the role of a victim much of my life.

> Excuses of why that relationship didn’t work out…
> Why I didn’t get to do this…or that…
> Someone pulled out in front of me on the road & they MUST have started their day out to get me…(ha! how ridiculous!)
> Why’d they look at me that way?!
> Everyone else’s fault…
> How dare they ______…..

I realize now, that I was reacting to those things, not opening my eyes to know that MY attitude was manifesting the crappy circumstances. And that if I would have just changed my ATTITUDE & REACTIONS, what a difference it would’ve made!!

You know those days where one thing goes wrong & then things seem to snowball, getting worse and worse with no bright light or end in sight? Yeah, I get that for sure. Been there. Get there.

But can I get real with you?

Hear my heart… life does happen & sometimes the circumstances are truly difficult, not ideal (at least by our expectations) but most of the time we have these snowball days, for example, it’s our attitude that makes all the difference.

When we believe that the car pulling out in front of us, driving 15 miles UNDER the speed limit, “making us late” is actually an angel guiding us, preventing us from a bigger obstacle ahead…. When we get in the space of believing that life happens FOR US, not TO US… THAT is when we go from victim to POWERFUL. <<< See the difference?

This comes with ONE DECISION to change your mind & taking 100% responsibility for your life.

THAT is when we own our power within.

I’m still 100% HUMAN & I still have days where it FEELS easier to blame the circumstances, but in those moments, I remind myself that it is FOR me & for the highest good of all.

Just this past weekend, I had someone steal my debit card info & charge hundreds of dollars … leaving me with no card, a dispute to file, and a lot of aggravation. Instead of getting pissed & screaming at the bank (like it was their fault..) I just thanked God that I had the money in the account, that my bank is going to take care of it, that it wasn’t our main account, & that there is always more abundance coming our way. I also said a prayer for the person who felt so inclined to use my money… maybe they were more in need than I am… either way, it’s not the end of the world. Getting angry does nothing but bring bad vibes into my space, the people around me & ultimately the world. And my mission is to bring more light into the world. That’s where the power comes. That’s where change happens.

I ask myself these questions:

  • What lesson is there to be learned?
  • How can I thank God for the situation?

Remember this……When something happens in your life, only you get to decide what it means. Only you get to decide how you’re going to react to it. Who you are within is far more powerful than the circumstances of your life.

Whatever you are going through, I am sending you a virtual high five and badass vibes to know that you GOT THIS & you are more powerful than you think! OWN IT!!

Be the light…own your power.

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