the pull


Today let’s talk about THE PULL.

You know what I’m talking about… it’s the feeling that something is pulling at you & you don’t WANT to listen to it because it’s scary. It’s unknown. You wonder HOW in the world you’re going to make it happen & what the outcome will be.

When the whispers come, listen.
When you feel that pull, listen.
Lean in.

You have natural gifts. There are things that have been a part of you since you were a little girl.

For me, I’ve always been a creative & an entrepreneur at heart. I created jewelry, books, loved photography & was always active/on the go! I am still doing those things!

So let’s try this a moment…

Take a deep breath, close your eyes & think back—what was it that you enjoyed when you were little? Don’t resist it. Whatever comes, let it. Recognize it, listen to the quiet whispers & OWN IT. 

What was it? What did you used to enjoy & are you living it now? 

You are the only you …do yourself & the world a favor & embrace the beautiful & talented woman that you are! Open your heart & mind & crash into those fears of failure, those feelings of not enough.

Often, we let the noise of the outside world consume our thoughts, our decisions & literally control our lives. And many times, we don’t recognize that is what is happening.

I started feeling a pull a little over a year ago to do something different in my career. To uplevel, to go above & beyond what I was currently doing & be bold in what I knew I was being led to do.

I fought it for months.

And it just kept getting louder & louder.

I am a tad bit stubborn;) but I have really had to own up to that, release that stubbornness & lean in to what God has put on my heart to do. It’s amazing the doors that open when we surrender & listen. But we have to get still first. We have to make sure we can hear.

If you are having trouble HEARING & leaning in to that pull, my 5 Day LIVE Soul Care Masterclass is just what you need. It begins Monday, March 26th & takes place right on Facebook.

If you:

  • Feel disconnected from your soul?
  • Find it difficult to tune out the outside noise (the news, social media, friends, family, work, LIFE)
  • Are a people pleaser/have a hard time setting boundaries & saying no
  • Feel worn out/no energy
  • Desperately need & crave routines to ground & center yourself
  • Lack focus

Click here for the details & I’ll see you there!

Is there something you’re struggling with in life or business right now? I’d love to feature your question (anonymously if you’d like) on next week’s blog post & email. Email me 

As always, I’m sending all the positive vibes & massive love to you!



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