you against you.


E X E R C I S E. 

Does that word light you up or make you cringe? 

WAIT! I have a good lesson here…Promise. Keep reading 😉

If you follow me on IG, you may have seen that I recently joined CrossFit after exclusively doing at-home workouts for four years.

And today, I’m sharing with you about how me drinking the CrossFit koolaid relates to YOU, YOUR life & YOUR business. 😉

Because when you’re there, in the “box” i.e the CrossFit gym… all kinds of things run through your mind as you’re trying to find your life …ha. But seriously.

So a little background for ya… I started my journey with at-home workouts in October 2013, when I was at one of my lowest points. Two littles under two, working full-time, owning a thriving photography business & maintaining a household & a marriage… it was a lot.

Maybe you can relate?

At-home workouts were just what I need & what served my soul during thatseason of my life. Having a physical, mental, spiritual & emotional transformation, building a coaching business with extra income, creating time freedom, & building community & lifelong friendships are absolutely priceless… all while being able to stay home with my littles & focus on what I was being called to during that season.

It worked. And I worked it.

But as we evolve & grow & the seasons of our lives come & go, sometimes we have to change things up.

For me, CrossFit was that change I needed. Something challenging, humbling, fun, inspiring, & connection/community…outside of my house (working from home can get lonely & I need people!)

It works. And I work it.

So what does this have to do with you? 

I’m not telling you to run & join CrossFit. It’s just a real-life tangible example…something I’m going through. (Although I would definitely encourage you to try it, it’s a blast & truly for anyone! And my favorite part – it is such a mental experience- it’s you against you!) 

And here’s what I have learned & am telling you now:

  • Do what lights you up (be it exercise, a new job, a hobby, etc).
  • Don’t feel guilty if what has worked, doesn’t light you up anymore. Lower the weights, humble yourself & try again, another way.
  • Sometimes in life, we have to change up the way we do things. Just because we think that we are “meant” to do one thing, doesn’t mean we are stuck in that ONE way.
  • Push yourself & fail many times! Failure is where the growth happens.
  • Stay challenged – it will keep you pushing & inspired to go bigger & get better.
  • Have fun! Life is meant to be LIVED!
  • Give new things a chance – you won’t regret it & no matter what, you will learn something!
  • Certain things, people, jobs, circumstances…they all come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
  • If you’re not feeling aligned with things in your life, take a step back & evaluate where you are and envision where you’d like to be. Then take one step TODAY to get there. Then tomorrow, another step. And so on…

I’d love to hear your heart (comment or email me what it is that you’re feeling lights you up but you don’t know how to make a change and take that first step? Or maybe you don’t know what that first step IS…

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