trust yourself.


I remember the words my mom told me when I had my first baby girl. ⠀

“Trust yourself” she said.⠀

And those were words that her doctor had shared with her when she had me. ⠀

“Trust yourself because a mama knows. You will do your best and you will know best for many years of her life. And you will learn from her just like she will learn from you. Always listen to that inner voice because it will be the right thing to do.”⠀

And she has been right. And now I have times two daughters to apply this to. ⠀

When one of them are sick, I know before she even runs a fever, or before she tells me.⠀
When they need an extra hug, I know. ⠀
When someone has hurt their feelings, I know. ⠀
When they need time with just me, or time to themselves. ⠀
When I’ve had a feeling that something was off with someone, I’ve been right.⠀

The “trust yourself” mantra can be applied to all things in life. ⠀

In business, in relationships/friendships, career choices, food choices, doctors, etc. etc. You see where I’m going with this… in other words, when you know, you know.⠀

My decisions are made based on my inner knowing… that inner voice… “trust yourself” – and the more spiritually connected I have become, the louder that voice is. I believe that God is within us, and as long as we are open to receiving that, then we can hear Him.⠀

Do you have trouble hearing that “inner voice?” Do you feel like your voice has been muted? And how many times have you silenced that voice? What would you say if you didn’t feel silenced? What’s your message? (<<< great journaling prompts, btw;)) ⠀

In a world that is aching for our voices to be heard, for the light to be brought to the dark…..your thoughts, your beliefs, your voice, your SOUL… it all matters. Don’t forget that :-)⠀

If you are feeling lost on how to share your message, your voice & your soul but you know you have something the world needs to hear, let’s chat. I’m now accepting private coaching clients and you get a free-no-strings-attached-but-will-walk-away-with-CLARITY CALL prior to booking your coaching with me.
Let’s clear your throat and find your voice again, sister 😉

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