just stop.


S T O P  A P O L O G I Z I N G.
Stop playing small.
Stop being so hard on yourself.
Just S T O P.

Here’s my truth for today…

As I was making a live video for my Facebook community, one of the girls complimented how beautiful I looked, etc.

And for whatever reason, I found myself making excuses and totally not accepting her compliment.

Of course I said thank you, but I immediately ran every reason why I did or didn’t and when I realized what I was doing, it was too late to stop. I will be honest, I almost deleted the replay of the video because I was so annoyed with myself for the rambling I did…


Why do we women do that?

Why do we not just say thank you, receive the compliment and move on?

Why do we think we have to make excuses or, in many instances, turn the focus off ourselves to pay a compliment back?

WHY are we so hard on ourselves?

What also makes me crazy (and trust me, I’ve done it too- see beginning of this post;)) — is when I see a woman make a post on social media and start it with “I’m probably oversharing too much,” or “I know this isn’t perfect” or “excuse the way I look or the mess in my house, etc etc.”

Y’all, this madness.must.stop!! We are HUMAN. HUMAN and we’re ALLOWED & EXPECTED to have imperfections & be imperfect. And guess what. Everyone on social media and that we interact with on a day to day basis are HUMAN as well.

Mind blowing, isn’t it? 😉

I think in today’s society (the world of social media and filters) that many of us put unrealistic expectations on ourselves in many aspects of our lives… our selves, our parenting, our marriages, our careers/business, our families, friends, our lives!

So, what do we do about it? How do we change our conditioned ways?

We make a decision.
We stop making excuses.
We show up raw, real and as we are.
We stay mindful.
We stop worrying about the judging and we stay mindful of judging others negatively as well.

Am I the only one? Would love to hear your thoughts… ♥

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