what happens when…

What happens when you have a bad day?
What do you do?
How do you react?
Or do you?
Do you shut down or lash out?

I had a few emotional days last week. 
And I did both. Shut down, lashed out.
But after I recognized my reactions, I also gave myself permission to FEEL through the way I was feeling.
There was a time in my past where I would have lashed out only. With no regrets. Because I played victim.
[Can you relate? Keep reading…]
I blamed everything and everyone for everything that was happening in my life.
I didn’t look in the mirror to figure out what trigged me and why.
And the biggest issue was that I didn’t honor my feelings.

I didn’t take responsibility for my actions and REactions.
I avoided.
I became powerless.
I shut down, shut off and shut out.
I lashed out, anger built and got stressed.
Not these days.
So often we are told not to feel, or we are made guilty for feeling, or we feel as if our feelings aren’t valid.
That’s crap.
They are, they’re real. And so are you.
Next time you’re feeling this way, I encourage you, do whatever you need to do to feel through the emotions, the pain, the frustration.
Give yourself permission to move through them.
Honor them.
Make a decision to choose another feeling.
Then release.
And just be.

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Give yourself permission to move through them.Honor them.Make a decision to choose another feeling.Then release.And just be..png

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