journaling prompts for you!


Journaling has been a HUGE part of my life, as long as I can remember. It helps me stay grounded, focused, process my feelings & sane! 😉 I like to journal immediately following my morning meditation. I am connected with my higher self at that time and the words flow more freely.

I wanted to share a few journal prompts for you in case you need some help getting started.

Grab a notebook & pen, sit in quiet or soft music, take a deep breath & go…

— Who would I be if I didn’t judge myself?
— Who would I be if I didn’t have those experiences that make me, me?
— What is one thing I can do to use those experiences for the highest good to serve myself & others?

I would love to know if this helps you! Have a beautiful day!


PS. If you’d like more journaling prompts and feel called to dig deeper into a state of self awareness, check out the I Believe In Me eJournal: https://thesoulshinecollective.wordpress.com/I-believe-in-me  

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