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Anyone struggle with FOCUS? I think most of us can agree with information overload, seemingly never-ending to-do lists and priorities, it’s easy to lose focus and be productive.
Here are a few tips that I have to do almost daily to get centered and focused so I can get sh*T done! 😉 
  • Stop what you’re doing. Don’t force it.
  • Turn off your devices and get outside.
  • Take a walk.
  • Dance party! Move your body!
  • Use your favorite essential oils, rub them on your palms and back of neck, close your eyes and breathe.
  • Journal it out!
    • Prompts: I am feeling _______.
    • _______ happened and is making me feel ________.
    • I want to feel _______.
    • I’m going to get up NOW and feel ______.
  • Brain dump a list of everything that is racing through your mind. Then go back to it and prioritize. Pick your top 3 things that MUST get done TODAY and do the hardest or most dreaded one first. It makes the other two easier to knock out!
  • Meditate / pray / both! (you can find TONS of guided meditations on YouTube … I also LOVE Hayhouse Meditations Podcast)
  • Write out & say aloud affirmations:
    • Example: I am focused and am moving toward my goals. Nothing can stop me.

I would love to hear from you — what helps you get centered when you’re struggling to focus?

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