own your story or it owns you.


Own your story or it owns you.

I was listening to a podcast with one of my all time favorite authors ….. Brene Brown….. and this hit me in the gut. 
So often we think our story needs to be “fixed” or molded to be something “acceptable” before we share it or own it. So many times we think we have to portray a perfect life, business, marriage, kids, etc etc. And while not everything is not for everybody’s knowing, much of it is. It’s when we own who we are, where we come from and what mess got us where we are and where we want to go, that the light shines through us and onto others. When we use our story to show others what is possible. When we show love over hate, faith over fear and purpose over things that don’t matter. When we release the fears, the guilt, the shame and the bs stories that we have told ourselves over and over again ….that we truly own who we are and we can become who we were meant to be. 

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