Being Present is a Gift


I encourage you to log off and be with the ones you love. Do this for one hour each day for 7 days and see how you feel. Better yet, do it for 7 days and see how THEY feel.

I can pretty.much.GUARANTEE that you will feel more alive, happier, focused, abundant and grateful.

I can pretty.much.GUARANTEE that your loved ones who you’re spending that time with will feel the same… on top of feeling more important, noticed, loved, and appreciated.

In today’s world of facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest,, etc. etc., it is SO easy to get wrapped up in the what’s everyone else doing, I need to tell everyone what I’m doing, I need to show them what I got, what I’m getting, what I think….then scroll past everyone else doing the same… it’s exhausting and if you’re like me, you can absorb other people’s energy if you don’t protect your own energy, then you risk feeling bogged down, anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, etc. etc. Every emotion you can think of.

So turn OFF the apps, the phone, the distraction and unwrap the GIFT of being PRESENT.

Some ideas to help with the transition & make it a habit:

  • Set a timer on your phone to be PRESENT and don’t pick up your phone again
  • Turn it on airplane mode
  • Leave it in the car at a restaurant/outing
  • Carry a “real” camera if you’d like to capture a photo or two
  • Set “rules” within your family that everyone follows during specific times/events; no exceptions
  • No phones at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table

I would love to hear from you and hear how it feels to be PRESENT. Contact/email me! 🙂 


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