need vs. want

6Z8A0016-6Often in our lives we have exactly what we want… the car, the clothes, the job, the makeup, the extra stuff, the marriage, the kids, the social life… and if we’re blessed to be in a state of alignment, we have the jobs we want…

But let’s talk about when we feel like we have everything we want, yet still feel as though something is missing.

Dare I say that having what you want is NOT enough and you will be left feeling empty because you’re not getting enough of what you NEED.

Hear me out. 🙂

I think a lot about this in my parenting my two girls. They seem to be in a state of “want” – constantly. Granted, they are ages 4 and 5, so part of that is natural for their age. And I try to give them everything they want. But I often have to ask, am I truly doing them any favors by giving them those things and not referring to how we have to WORK for what we WANT… and that it’s an extra blessing to have those things?

What about what we NEED?

In my opinion, as far as my kids are concerned, they NEED present time, they NEED food, water, baths, a place to sleep, clothes on their back and shoes on their feet. They need discipline and to be told no, with no explanation given, mind you (enter “mean mommy”) and they need routine. They NEED to know they are loved, forgiven, and most of all HUMAN. They need to be talked to not AT and feel that they are heard…and that they will make mistakes in their lifetime and that it’s okay, as long as they never give up.

They need to know that I will be here for them No.Matter.What. But I will also be quick to tell them (even if they don’t ask) what they NEED to hear, not just what they want.

Some tips to help you (& your kids, should that be a goal of yours): 

  • make a list of your needs
  • make a list of your wants
  • be honest


  • make a list of what you have, what you’re grateful for… be it physical, emotional, spiritual…
  • be honest


Compare the lists.

See what I mean? 😉 I would love your feedback!

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