abundance vs. lack


Trade your expectations for appreciation.

Focus on what you DO have and think of ways you can take inspired action to make those things come to fruition. What you focus on expands. Focus on what you don’t have, and you’ll get more of it. Focus on what you do have, and what is happening for the good in your life and you’ll receive more of it.

The other piece of this puzzle…. You must be open to receiving.

When you’re living in a state of abundance, you see the bright side of everything …you may get down from time to time, but you also know that there’s a bright side.. You FEEL through the emotions of the “down time” but then move through and past it. Rising above, stronger and more on fire than before.

I have a tattoo on each foot.. One side says “what doesn’t kill me” and the other says “makes me stronger” — you guys, that’s life. When you think of all the shit you have been through, and realize that YOU MADE IT……hold on to that knowing and that simple fact…and push through the other things and unexpected life things that are thrown your way.

What would you do if you could not fail? Would you leave your job, a situation, a location? And if you had the courage to do it, can you imagine how it would feel to make it happen? How would your life change? (#DigDeep)

You have the power within you. You have the power above you. To find it, you just have to OPEN your heart and your eyes. You got this.

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