the mask


Sometimes we wear a mask that covers the most beautiful features we own.

In today’s world, sometimes it seems, dare I say, necessary, to put on a mask because everyone seems to be on guard and nervous and frustrated… I say TAKE IT OFF. Take off the mask, treat others with kindness and just be YOU.

One of my core values is AUTHENTICITY and while I have worn many masks over the years, I am FINALLY at a place where I feel like I’m out in the open… it’s a journey and it will continue to be, but it feels damn good to be where I’m at, finally, at age 35. (<< Whoa, when did that happen?!)

Love it or hate it.
Appreciate it or don’t.
I am who I am and I love me.

Underneath all the hurt, the mistakes, the shame, the guilt… peel it off, one layer at a time, and you will realize you are the same incredibly beautiful, talented, compassionate, fun person you once were.

And if you aren’t ready to feel so transparent, reach out to me. I have some tips

The world NEEDS more REAL.

Social media has taken OVER so many of our lives and if we are constantly scrolling and looking and taking in all the energy that everyone we scroll past is putting out, we are going to be super defeated …and it may even be subconscious.

I encourage you…
Take off the mask.
You are beautiful.
Just as you are.

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