authentic living

6Z8A9952-2.jpgSo many times in my life, I have believed I was living authentically and doing what was best for me (and my family.) I was going with what I thought was the “flow” and pushing hard and getting NOWHERE.

Can you relate? How does that happen?! A few months ago, (after hitting a breaking point and deciding to work with my two incredible life coaches,) I realized there were some things were totally out of alignment. I was finding that the more I pushed, the more things weren’t working.


That’s what happens when we don’t align with our souls.
And it hurt.
And it was frustrating.

But I grew, and continue to, and am feeling more ease and flow now than I have probably ever in my life.

And big things are happening here…….with EASE. 🙌🏻 We all go through seasons of our lives where things seem wonderful and put together on the outside but it’s wrecking our souls on the inside. Sometimes it takes a single thought or event to pull us back to our true selves. And then begins the work.

I encourage you, if you aren’t feeling that ease and flow, take a step outside of yourself and your circumstances and realign yourself with YOU.

“When we align with what is in life, rather than resist it, we create more ease and flow.”

Have a beautiful day, friends. Shine bright!!

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