Transformation begins on the inside.

I have experienced new mom overwhelm, body exhaustion, career exhaustion, entrepreneur exhaustion and most recently, pure soul exhaustion. And none of the above have been fun or pretty or felt good.

But when you finally feel that enough is enough ….and when you put yourself in the place of highest potential, meaning, plug into what FEELS good to you, what’s feeding your SOUL, from the morning routines…. to the the books you read ….to the music you listen to ….to the shows you watch… to the self care rituals you have in place ….to the people you surround yourself with …. when you put yourself in that place of highest potential… Crazy awesome things begin happening… and you slowly, steadily feel alive again, and maybe, for the first time ever.

Faith…inspired action… focused intentions… friendships… opportunities …renewal … alignment with what is meant to be. It all happens. And THAT feels good.

Exciting stuff coming up. Passion project turning into a business and I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned.

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