7 day soul care challenge

  • You feel like something is “off” but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You feel like there’s more, and your heart races and anxiety peaks at times. because you know there’s SOMETHING, just not sure how to get there or what it is.
  • You never take “soul time” for just you. You feel like you never have enough time no matter how early you go to bed, how late you stay up, or how many to-do lists you have.
  • You’re aching physically but don’t know why. You feel sluggish and weighed down. Literally, mentally and/or emotionally.
  • You feel stuck, but again, not sure why. And/or maybe, life is great. Great job, wonderful family, maybe even financially stable. But you feel like you can’t move forward.
  • You feel ungrateful and uninspired but not sure why.
  • You don’t recognize yourself anymore. Physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. You don’t feel yourself. You just feel blah.