self-paced online workshops & courses

Sometimes we just need a boost and soul check to get out of a rut or get unstuck.
I offer 1:1 coaching, but also have these self-paced workshops & courses if you’d like to start on your own.
Take a look and if you’re feeling led to one of the following, trust that your soul knows the way.
You’re not here by accident.
It’s all divine.

Feeling down? Lost? Lack of clarity? Is your to-do list a mile long & growing? Do the days drag by without purpose? Do you make time for you? Do you enjoy serving others in your life but feel exhausted at the same time? Do you have a purpose outside of your day to day routines? Or is your day to day what you truly consider your life’s purpose? Do you make decisions based off your intuition and higher power guidance or do you conform and float through the days, meeting everyone else’s expectations but your own?
If you can relate to any of this, let’s go inward. Let’s take a SOUL CHECK. 


Do you feel disconnected from your soul?
Do you find it hard to tune out the outside noise from the news, social media, friends, family, work, LIFE?
Are you a people pleaser?
Maybe you’re worn out/ no energy and desperately in need of a morning & nighttime routine to ground and center yourself. 
Do you lack focus?
During this Soul Care Masterclass, I share tried & true tips & thoughts with journaling prompts & more to help you: look within, tune out, tune in, appreciate, focus, prioritize & FEEL GOOD!

The Soul Care Masterclass focuses on tips & tools that will connect your mind, body & soul to help you feel more at ease & in flow.
Part 1: Mindset – Clear your mind & your space
Part 2 & 3: Soul Work & Soul Care – what is it & why is it important
Part 4: Body Connection – tying it all together


This challenge is for you if:
You feel like something is “off” but you’re not sure what it is.
You feel like there’s more, and your heart races and anxiety peaks at times.
Because you know there’s SOMETHING, just not sure how to get there or what it is.
You never take “soul time” for just you.
You feel like you never have enough time no matter how early you go to bed,
how late you stay up, or how many to-do lists you have.
You’re aching physically but don’t know why.
You feel sluggish and weighed down. Literally, mentally and/or emotionally.
You feel stuck, but again, not sure why. And/or maybe, life is great.
Great job, wonderful family, maybe even financially stable.
But you feel like you can’t move forward.
You feel ungrateful and uninspired but not sure why.
You don’t recognize yourself anymore. Physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally. You don’t feel yourself. You just feel blah. 


Life can be overwhelming at times and if we are in constant go-go-go mode, we rarely stop and take care of ourselves at all levels.

You’ve heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” meaning you can’t serve others if you’re depleted.
Are you nodding your head & saying “omg yes, that’s so true, that’s exactly how I feel!”?  Society has fooled us into thinking that self & soul care is selfish & that couldn’t be further from the truth. You must take of yourself, your needs & a mix of your wants so that you stay  connected to the core of who you are & your higher power. It’s only then that you can pour wholeheartedly, energetically & willingly into others.

If you feel the same, but aren’t sure where to begin, then I created this guide just for you! Enjoy!


Dig Deep, Get Real, Create, Visualize, Make It Happen. 
Life doesn’t happen TO us, it happens FOR us. 
And we have the power to create anything in this crazy, beautiful life that we desire!
You may have an idea of your desires, but many of us don’t slow down long enough to think about what we really want, what really sets our souls on fire and makes us happy… therefore igniting a spark within that has a domino effect in our families, workplaces, and the world. 
You might say “I wish I could ____” or “I want to ____” but then never take action because life gets busy, you forget or it was never a true desire to begin with. 
When you make a vision board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life & it helps you manifest your dream life and when done right, with passion and on purpose!
During this Create Your Vision Workshop, I will help you dig deep into YOUR truth so you connect with your most authentic self, desires and purpose. You will set your intentions so that you have a plan and a vision to make this life the best! 
Grab your wine (or coffee;)), some materials & get ready to dig in, get real, create a vision board…learn how to set intentions to make it happen! I walk you step by step, including a workbook and bonus journaling prompts to guide you!
Are you ready?! See you there!


Get real. Get raw. Get clear. Hold Space. Let go.
Get in the habit of journaling with this quick 5-day journaling challenge.
Daily videos & thought-provoking prompts.