1:1 Coaching

This is for the woman who knows there’s more. This is for the woman who loves deeply, feels everything and wants to make an impact. This is for the woman who wants to do it all, but doesn’t know where to start… who yearns for a balance of work, family & life. This is for the woman who wants to learn how to tune in, tune out & lead with heart & soul.

What I do & how I can help… 

I use my God-given intuitive abilities to see your potential and I help you bring that to light. From there, I coach you through how to get in a state of flow in every area of your life. Living your truth and walking in your beautiful light. I have been where you are, several times, and always find my way back to the same answer. It’s within and it’s always been there. I help you learn to trust yourself and stop looking outside yourself for the answers. So often, society tells us what we need to “fix” about ourselves and truth be told, there is nothing to “fix” – you are beautifully, wonderfully made. And while there’s always room for improvement, taking massive responsibility, being self aware and living your truth is what will shift your direction and change your life. I’m here to guide you through that process with love and hold space for you as you shift & process through. 

Complete the form below & I’ll be in touch! I can’t wait to chat with you! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all: thesoulshinecollective@gmail.com

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